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About EyeCare Center

About EyeCare Center

EyeCare Center is one of Cairo’s most advanced one- day full service facilities providing comprehensive diagnostic and surgical ophthalmology procedures.
Whether performing complex surgical procedures or a routine eye exam, we are thoroughly committed to deliver the utmost eye care.
The practice comprises three main sectors namely; refractive surgeries (LASER & Non-LASER) cataracts and oculoplastic services (eye cosmetic surgery)


To be eye care service provider of choice in Egypt and MENA Region.


To offer high-quality eye care services through attracting eminent consultants, using the latest technologies and following international standards where the patient is our key priority.

Our Values


2. Compassion

3. Dedication

4. Care

5. Respect

Our services

1. Outpatient Department: (Target screening, all diagnosis and investigations of eye diseases.)
2. Surgical Services (Spanning all field of ophthalmology with special focus on )
1- Refractive Surgery.
2- Cataract Surgery.
3- Cornea Service.
4- Oculoplastic service (cosmetics)
5- Pediatric Service.
6- Glaucoma Service.
7- Retina Service.
2- Cataract Surgery.
3- Cornea Service.
4- Oculoplastic service (cosmetics)
5- Pediatric Service.
6- Glaucoma Service.
7- Retina Service.

Our Team

Our Team of well-Known Consultants

Our Technology

Ensuring the safety of our patients and the accuracy of the diagnosis is our utmost concern.
To give a short list, Eye care hosts the most advanced tools for cataract surgery, proficient calculation of intraocular lens power (IOL,Master) most up-to date phaco machines, the most updated version of zeiss surgical microscope, and the latest excimer laser machine: Wave light EX-500 Femto Laser : Ziemer - Z-8 that gives accurate and comprehensive information about the patient’s eye before LASIK or cataract surgery.
This enable our consultants to accurately assess patients suitability for specific procedure and to gurarantee the best chances of successful outcomes.


Highest levels of hygienic standards, using antibacterial paints for the walls and floors and implementing international operational standards, with the use of the latest fresh air technology with microbial filters to ensure clean air inside the operating theaters.

Our Location

We are located in an 80 year-old villa in the heart of maadi, which has been renovated completely from inside to fit our needs.
Yet the beautiful and architecture was kept as it has always been.
Located in garden is our optical shop which is run by eye optics carrying all brands and needs for our patients.
As for the recovery area, we guarantee a peaceful, contemporary environment, in which the patient can stay for a brief period of time, until they are fit to return home.